Skywatch Friday

Today's skywatch photo comes to you from Lake Providence, Louisiana. This beautiful lake is right on the northeastern corner of Louisiana - not far from the Arkansas and Mississippi borders. We passed through on our way back from Oklahoma City this weekend and stopped to have dinner at The Dock - which is apparently a favorite with both tourists and the locals.

Happy Friday everyone! To check out other skies around the world, click on the skywatch link.

Mr Barista II

Simon is a barista at the Cups in the French Quarter. He makes a mean cappuccino with nice foamy milk, just like I like it. I invited him to stop by my blog sometime, hopefully he will!


Last week I auditioned for two different shows in Jackson, one Fondren Theatre Workshop and the other with New Stage. I have a tradition of stopping in at Cups to get myself energized before trying out. Funnily enough, I got offered parts in both plays, but I'll only be able to do the one with New Stage. It's called The Shape of Things and I'm very excited!

This particular Cups was new to me. It's located in a small shopping center called The French Quarter. I'll introduce you to my fab barista tomorrow.

Stop in, Sit Awhile...

I found this bench on the campus of Mississippi College (or MC as the locals call it). It does not actually look like a very comfortable place to sit, but I do like the theater masks. I wonder if these are re-purposed pews from the church.

To Eat or Not to Eat

I'm still having a great time with my wingscapes camera. I can't believe how expressive birds can be. This little house finch seems quite pensive.

At Home

This is another house on the golf course that I like the looks of. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to stay occupied for very long. It was for sale, then a family moved in, and now it's for sale again. I hope it finds new owners soon because it looks like a fabulous place to live.