Sky Watch Friday: Canton Police Station

I took this picture last Thursday while I was on jury duty. The building has sort of an art-deco-y feel. Maybe it's the sqare squat shape and the overhang, I don't know. Last Friday we had a beautiful blue sky, this morning it's raining, but hopefully things will improve for my golf game this afternoon!

Happy Friday everyone and don't forget to click on the picture to check out other skies from around the world!

Murder on the Nile

Here's a look at one of the scenes from Murder on the Nile. I gave my camera to my husband and told him to film when I was onstage, but he forgot. :(
All of the actors, including myself, had a good time. It's too bad we only had one weekend of performances. But the audiences seemed to enjoy it and hopefully they'll be back for our next show!

Back to Blogging!

Sorry for the absence, but last week was quite busy for me.

1. I got chosen to serve on the jury of a civil case. The judge told us it would take no more than two days, we ended up being there all week!

2. I was performing in Murder on the Nile last weekend, so we had tech/dress rehearsals all week.

3. Wednesday was my birthday!

Thanks for all the comments and wishes. Now that I've had time to catch up on all my work that piled up last week, I should be able to make regular posts again. This is a look at hole seven at Deerfield Gold Course. My golf game has also been suffering from my time being concentrated elsewhere.