The Rosalie

This is another picture from Natchez. It was taken inside the Rosalie, one of the beautiful antebellum houses. Most of the furnishings and decorations in this house were generously donated by the houses former inhabitants. It certainly made for an interesting visit!

I'm going to be out of town for a few weeks. I may try posting photos of where I will be, but I won't have enough of Jackson to cover three weeks. Don't hesitate to pop over for a look now and then. I'll be back full-time in mid-December.In any case, I hope everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving!

Lone Flower

This flower looked so lonely all on its own. All of its friends have gone away!

Foggy Monday

This morning I awoke to further signs that fall is upon us. A light misty fog was hanging over the pond which I can see from my balcony.

Aunt Caroline is Dead

As it turns out, Aunt Caroline was killed by her secretary/companion Miss Mina Mabbit. Mabbit did it for the greater good, so Agnes could get married and Ricky could go to college. And Mrs. Endicott can finally stop giving piano lessons to every neighborhood brat and concentrate on raising her two youngest children, Beryl and Cicely. Yes, Mabbit did it all for them!

But in the end, Lieutenant Clayton rules the case a suicide in order to "save the government a pile of money," since Miss Mabbit was dying of cancer anyway. Cue curtain...