Former Elephant House

The Jackson Zoo formerly had a small herd of elephants, but unfortunately they were sold to the Memphis Zoo last summer. A zoo seems a little lonely without elephants, but this restaurant is still there. Although I think they should change the name!

I'm going to be in Toronto all next week to check things out. I have started working on a new city blog. Please take a look at the test run and let me know what you think. Have a great weekend!

Indian Goddess

Goddess Durga's idol in one of the Indian festivities in Jackson. The name "Durga" symbolizes divine female power in Hinduism.

Home for Sale !

This is a 4 bed, 3 bath beautiful house is in a nice, quiet neighbourhood. Interested people please contact!

Simple Pleasures

This was at Strawberry Park, Ridgeland, MS. My wife still likes to hop-on one of these.

Toucan Sam?

Another feathered friend from our local zoo. I'm not sure if he answers to the name Sam or not. Perhaps I will ask him on my next visit.

To see more birds from around the world, visit Bird Freak.

PS: Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Block Bench

Another shot from the Jackson Zoo. They have a wide variety of seating options. This bench is in a nice shady spot, which visitors certainly appreciate during the hot and sunny summer months in Jackson!