We recently had some visitors from Germany who came to play the annual "Gentleman's Cup" with my husband. We all drove down to New Orleans together on Sunday morning and spent an evening enjoying Bourbon Street and all it has to offer.

The gentlemen went on to Alabama to play the Robert Trent Jones golf trail and I came back to Jackson on the train. It was quite fun. Although the speed of Amtrak is in no way comparable with the TGV trains in France, the seats are quite roomy and comfortable. And a one-way ticket only cost $22 - a real bargain considering the price of gas these days!

Skywatch Friday: Reflections

A reflective look at the blue, Mississippi sky from the lovely hole.

Please check out some of the other skies around the world participating in today's skywatch.


I just love flowers. These are some lilies I spotted a few days ago. I couldn't decide which one I like best, so I'm sharing all three. Which one is your favorite?

Tranquil Setting

This setting looks so peaceful. I can just imagine bringing a sandwich and a tall iced tea out here for a nice picnic lunch. Perhaps I will have to do just that one of these days!

Field of Flowers

I'm not exactly sure what kind of flowers these are, but I believe they are some kind of coneflower. If anyone has an idea, let me know. They were certainly pretty. And they seemed to attract lots of birds and butterflies. Maybe I need some for my yard!