Vibrant Colors

I thought about using this photo for the August theme day, but I thought the Bugs were cuter and I knew this would also be nice for a weekend reflection.

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Pink Skies and Cows

Nothing beats a sunset, especially when it's over a field of cows!

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Devil's Shrimp

I made this dish for my husband last Friday for our anniversary. It was delicious! In fact, I'm craving some more just writing this. Here's the recipe.

Red Doorway

I've always wanted a red door. This one's not bad. It'll take you into one of the stores at The Renaissance shopping center.

Pink Blooms

I love some good landscaping at the shopping center. This pink blossom comes to you from one of the many planters at The Renaissance. It's a nice place to walk around on a Sunday evening.

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Protective Father

We have some fledgling cardinals in our yard these days. Daddy never lets his charges stray too far though. He always keeps a watchful eye over his brood.

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August Theme Day: Bright Bugs

The Halcyon bug made a new friend in the parking lot!

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