Weekend Reflections: A Turtle

I found this guy relaxing on the golf course. I was surprised I didn't see more of his friends. They're usually out sunning all over the place, especially on a nice day!

Happy weekend! To enjoy more reflections from around the world, click on the link above.

Skywatch Friday: Skeleton Trees

We had a beautiful, blue sky last Saturday. Unfortunately, the temps have dropped again and it's been gray this week. But I hope the sun comes back soon.

Click on the skywatch link to see more skies from around the world. I'll be chilling in San Francisco this weekend. Hope yours is a great one too!

Blue Skies

A bluebird under a blue sky, what could be nicer?

Unidentified Visitor

I found a new visitor to my yard on the Wingscapes! I think he's a young goldfinch. But if anyone can identify, please let me know. He's certainly a pretty and welcome visitor!

Mississippi State Bird

The mockingbird has invaded. I know there are plenty in my yard, but I've never seen them in front of the camera before. Just this weekend though, I got a whole series of this guy. I'm actually not super fond of this bird. They can be quite aggressive and territorial. I hope he doesn't chase away my other friends from the feathered squad (tm Stockholm by Pixels).

Weekend Drink

My husband and I stopped at Mint last Friday to get the weekend off to a good start. Naturally, they can make you plenty of drinks with fresh mint! My husband had a mint julep and I tried their refreshing mojito. I hope we can start next weekend off in the same way!

Truitt Memorial Church

The sun casts a tree-full shadow over this church. If you'd like to know more about their history, click here.

Hope you had a great weekend. I actually got to play golf!!