Graffiti Be Gone

This was my runner-up choice for yesterday's theme day. You can see where the city has painted over some tags. This is the old high school which has been converted to a "cultural" center, but I won't go further into my feelings on that subject today.

Hope you are having a nice weekend. It's perfect golf weather here. I'll probably check out the final round of the Viking Classic tomorrow. Maybe I can even sneak in a couple of shots, though they typically check your bags and such for cameras. Maybe I can get an iPhone shot at least.

October Theme Day: Toilet Graffiti

For today's theme day, I'm taking you into the forbidden (for some) territory of the women's bathrooms at Hal and Mal's restaurant. I guess if you're being technical, this is not really graffiti as it was painted this way on purpose. But there's a dearth of graffiti in this town, so this was the best I could find. And I'm sure English speakers will get a laugh from the play on words.

We actually had a graffiti theme day at CDP before and I showed another one of the stalls. You can check it out here. And I've got some bonus graffiti on my travel blog, so check it out!

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Shopping Bench

Yet another bench from the Renaissance shopping center. I still haven't come up with anything for tomorrow's theme day yet. I'd better get on that today!

Old Entrance

It's Wednesday doorways and I have the former entrance to a law firm for you. This building isn't very old, but I guess it just hasn't found the right tenants yet. Let's hope they find someone soon, or I'm afraid this place will get old before its time.

Majestic 10

I found this grate on the outside of a local building. I don't know what it's protecting, just that it's a majestic no. 10.

Toronto was great fun. I'll have a couple of pictures up later this week on my travel blog.


I believe this is a young brother going through his first molt. That red is coming out quite nicely though!

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Today's Flowers

I am really honored to be this week's guest host at Today's Flowers. I hope you enjoy this collage of some of my best flower shots from over the summer.

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