Shadows on Shell Landing

Another one from the vaults. This is Shell Landing golf course which is down on the coast of Mississippi. It was a beautiful course and a lot of fun to play.

Unfortunately, there won't be time to play golf in Austin. I hope my game won't suffer from the break.

Light and Shadows

Dusk on the golf course. A beautiful time to make the turn.

Happy Friday everyone! I'm headed to Austin this weekend. It's a quick trip, but it should be fun. To see more skies from around the world, click on the Skywatch link.


A lady I work with recently had a baby. He arrived a few weeks early, so he actually got to be included at the shower. I picked out this cake, it looked (and tasted) good. And sweet, little Braxton got a lot of love from all the work ladies.

Grass Snake

I don't really know what type of snake this is, but he seemed to enjoy my lawn. He was lifting up his head to get some sun. His head is on the left side, just in case you can't tell.

Fluffy Feathers

A mourning dove shakes out his feathers. Too bad we only got the rump view!

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A newly opened gladiola from my garden. This one is red with white edges. Beautiful!

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The Caf

The cafeteria at Mississippi College. I love those columns, they make all buildings look stately.

I'll be back from OKC tomorrow!