Boar's Head

This was a hostess gift that someone brought to the Saint Patrick's Day party last weekend. It's sort of creepy, but funny.

Weekend Reflections: A Friend

If you look to the left, you'll see one of my friends getting some of the remaining sun from last Friday. I hope this weekend is going to live up to the forecasts so I can get out and enjoy some golf. And I usually see lots of friends like this one on the course!

Happy weekend! To see more reflections from around the world, click on the reflections link.

Sweet Lady

This is Ella. We're old friends from way back. Some friends of mine had a party last weekend to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and of course I would never say no to a party! Ella and her friend Beauregard patrolled the party to make sure everything stayed clean. But it was pretty tiring work and every lady needs a break!

PS: I finally broke down and bought a Nikon D3000 through Amazon. It should be on it's way this weekend and I hope to have it by Monday. As you can imagine, I'm pretty excited.

Weekend Theater

Since I couldn't make it to the golf course this weekend, I went to the theater instead! The New Stage acting interns put on a hilarious performance of Shakespeare Abridged. Seriously, I was rolling in the aisles laughing, it was that funny!

I can't claim proprietorship of this photo, it was a picture they were using to advertise. Although it's plain to see what's going on here - I'll explain the scene a bit. This is the scene where Hamlet meets his father's ghost on the ramparts: The left actor is the ghost, the middle actress is Hamlet and the actor on the right is the dude who was with Hamlet when he saw the ghost (can't remember his name, feel free to fill me in).

Music Please

There were two choices for music at the Crawfish Boil. Inside you got the blues-y cover band that you see here and outside was a louder crossover metal/rap band. I enjoyed both of them, although the outdoors music was a bit too loud for me.

Shuckers Crawfish Boil

I'm sorry to disappoint, but I didn't make it to the Saint Patrick's Day Parade this past weekend. But I found these pictures from the crawfish boil two weekends ago that I forgot to show!

We enjoyed some fresh-boiled crawfish, potatoes and corn-on-the-cob. And of course, some fresh oysters off the half-shell. There was also live music. I'll show you more of the fun tomorrow.


A close-up of the pear blooms. Unfortunately the weather has taken a strange turn and it's rather cold today. There's even a chance for snow this afternoon! Looks like I won't be out on the fairways today, hopefully next week!