Beads a Flying!

I amassed plenty of beads during the parade. We were right on the front row and I was hoping to get a shot of some in mid-air headed towards me. I didn't get that shot, but here's this one.

Groovy Girl

The next installment in the parade series. Groovy girl was having a good time!

Potato Truck

As seen at the Saint Patrick's Day parade. This was one of the funnier floats.

I had to include both shots!

More Garden Flowers

More beautiful flowers from my garden back in Jackson. I'm not sure what these are called but they come in a variety of colors.


My azaleas were out in full force just before I left Jackson. Looking at my last photos of them is cheering somehow.

Flag Man

After Hoopla Girl, you now see Flag Man. He didn't generate the same response from the crowd (open-mouthed gazers), but he was still an interesting figure.