Halloween: Part II

Here's a look at the truck in its full glory. It's a 1961 model that a local Firefighters Fellowship group bought from a museum. Now they use it for parties and events such as this one.

It really is a fine machine and it still has the original manual transmission. Not everyone can say they've taken a ride on a beauty like this one, so I consider myself pretty lucky!

Skywatch Friday: Halloween!

This was the beautiful night sky on Halloween. We were lucky in my neighborhood, someone had rented an antique fire truck to take the kids (and adults) around in. It was a fun ride!

Happy Friday everyone!! To see more skies from around the world, click here.


My Cajun Princess hibiscus finally bloomed! It's rather sad it's so late in the season though. Last year my summer was filled with these beautiful blooms.

I tried some effects on the flower. What do you think?

More on the Viking...

Viking hosts a PGA golf tournament here in Jackson every year. Unfortunately, this year's even was canceled due to all the rain. The tournament is played at Annandale, but the qualifying round was played on my very own course - Deerfield!

We had a bunch of PGA volunteers and such out at the course on the qualifying day. They also had all the teeboxes set up with their own markers. It was pretty neat, it's just too bad the tournament was canceled. One of our favorite players from Germany was taking part and we were going to walk with him to show our support. Maybe next year...

Viking Cooking School Continued...

Our class was an appetizer class. The top one is grilled salmon skewers with a Japanese five-herb marinade and a miso-ginger dipping sauce. I'm not usually a big fan of salmon, but those things were good! The bottom left is shrimp and artichoke hearts in a  herbal vinaigrette sauce. And the last photo is curry chicken salad in phylo cups. I usually do not eat chicken, but I had to taste my own preparation.

I would definitely make the salmon skewers again, I think you could even use the same marinade and sauce with a different type of fish and make it as a main dish. It was a great idea for a birthday present and I hope to take another class sometime!

Viking Cooking School

As you may have heard, the Viking Classic golf tournament was canceled this past weekend because of the rain. Luckily the rain didn't stop people from cooking though! Viking recently opened a branch of their cooking school here in the Jackson area and my husband signed us up for a class as a birthday present. We had a great time and learned some useful techniques. Check back tomorrow and I'll show you some of our concoctions.

November Theme Day: Doorways

This is the cafeteria building at Mississippi College. I love those big windows and the inviting doorways. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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