Snake in the Grass

If you look very closely, you'll see the snake slithering into the leaves. He was having some fun at the golf course today. I didn't want to get too close, but I'm quite impressed that the zoom worked so well.

Signs of Fall

Although autumn officially began in September, there were no outward signs until just recently. The leaves have finally begun to change color. It's really a beautiful sight when you're driving down a street lined with these red-leafed beauties. I hope they won't dry up and fall away too quickly.


This is a backstage look at the Black Rose Theater in Brandon, MS where I am currently participating in Who Killed Aunt Caroline? This is our last week of performance and I will be sort of glad when it's over. All of that acting is very tiring, especially when you have a day job.

Natchez Trace

The Natchez Trace is an old road which links Mississippi and Tennesse. It's a scenic road and motorists are limited to 50mph with strict radar control (although I've never seen any troopers out there, I guess just the mention of them is enough to keep people in line).

The Trace also has a rather sad history. It was part of the Trail of Tears, when Native Americans were "relocated" from their lands in the east into the open spaces of the west.

Today it makes for a nice drive, there are no billboards or advertisements to mar the natural beauty of the flora and fauna that call the Trace home.

Mississippi River

The river creates a natural border between Louisiana and Mississippi. Just cross this bridge and you're in the Pelican State!

Sepia Coast

This picture was actually taken in Destin, Florida. I was there a couple of weeks ago for a weekend of golf. It was great fun and I played one of the best rounds of my life.