Old Farm Wine

A nighttime shot reflected in the window of a wine shop.

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Lone Tree

We had beautiful skies for golf last weekend. It sure is getting hot though! I'm heading off to Key West this afternoon for some fun in the sun this Memorial Day. Let's hope there's no oil on the beaches yet.

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Friendly Friends

I saw these cute guys in a shop window. They just look so friendly and cuddly. I can see why any kid would love to adopt one of these dollies to become their new best friend.

Waffle House

My husband and I had breakfast this past weekend at the Waffle House. They do have good waffles and it fortified us for a long, hard day at the golf course!


Finally a decent picture of a chickadee! These little brothers are hard to capture, but this time I got him, complete with a tiny piece of seed in his beak.

Perfect Bedroom

Another nice set-up from Ethan Allen. This bed looks especially inviting on a Monday morning. Why are the weekends so short?

Perfect Living Room

My husband and I did some window shopping this weekend. I love the way furniture stores create those "perfect" rooms complete with fake TV and all. This living space comes to you from Ethan Allen.