Mississippi National

This shot comes to you from the Mississippi National golf course on the gulf coast. My husband and I were paired with two other players and one of them had a false leg. That's something I really love about golf, it's a sport for everyone - men, women, young, older. We had a lot of fun playing with our new friends!

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Biloxi Light

The famous (or so I'm told) structure that sits right in the middle of the main beach drag in Biloxi. It survived Katrina and is featured on the Mississippi license plate. It's also apparently a nice place to stop for a read.

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First Rose

My Chicago Peace rose is blooming. I've got three or four full roses on it right now and several other buds just waiting to burst. Ahhh... spring!

PS: Happy Earth Day.

Elvis has left the building...

I got some nice photos from the concert. I just had to share a few more!


Here's my reason for visiting Biloxi this weekend... Elvis Costello! He is my favorite artist of all time. I last saw him in concert in Paris in 2002 at The Grand Rex. He was as spectacular today as then. He'll be in New Orleans next weekend. Perhaps another trip is in order.

Old School

The Watch They Keep was staged by the Clinton Brickstreet players inside the auditorium at the old Clinton junior high school where they have been performing for a number of years. As long as the city owned the property, they didn't mind renting it out at a reasonable price to the theater group. Unfortunately the property has been purchased by a private entity and the space will no longer be available. I hope this does not cause the Brickstreet Players to go defunct.

It's a nice old building in any case. The kids must have enjoyed those big windows back in the day.

Sunday Bridge

A bridge over the lovely hole at Colonial Country Club.

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