The Office

I hate to admit it, but my husband and I put in some late nights at The Office during our visit to the Mississippi Gulf Coast a few weeks ago. They were fun nights though!

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Skywatch: Ocean Springs Memorial

An array of different flags representing the countries involved in different wars flies over the Veterans Memorial in Ocean Springs.

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The Lovely Hole

The poo makers enjoy the lovely hole at Colonial Golf Club. At least they didn't make too much of a mess on my tee. And I can see why they like this hole, it's my favorite too!

Eternal Patrol

This memorial is dedicated to submariners who remain on "eternal patrol" from their service in WWII. It gives me shivers just to think about what that means and these men who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Final Orders

Another Memorial from Ocean Springs. This one was dedicated to sailors who died during WWI.

He's Red, She Said

The 10-Minute Play Festival was a huge success! We had almost every seat in the house filled. Our contribution was very well-received, we got tons of laughs. The story was about three people in the same neighborhood who are convinced their neighbor is a communist. They spy on him through the back yard, only to discover the strange noises emanating from his house were only puppies.

All the plays were good and there was plenty of laughter all night. I'm really glad I participated this year. Maybe next year too!

PS: Props to my husband for this photo. I was backstage running the curtain.