Red Head

Another look at one of my favorite visitors, the red-headed woodpecker. He is certainly a beauty and always welcome at my feeder!

Flowers and Sky

A beautiful, blue sky with some pom pom flowers in the foreground. I could really get used to these short weeks!

Happy Friday everyone. To see more skies from around the world, click on the skywatch link.

More Signs

I contemplated using this as my theme day post, but these signs aren't really funny. Although I do think they must seem odd to non-Americans. I bought a few bottles of wine here the other day, but honestly I don't think their prices were any better or worse than other liquor stores around town.

It was a long journey for my husband and I down to Key West and back, but despite the travel difficulties we had a great time! I'll be posting some photos on my travel blog. To take a look, click here.

Shady Bench

Another bench from Colonial Golf course. This one is shaded by a beautiful crape myrtle. It looks so inviting!

June Theme Day: Signs

I think the name of this shopping "street" is highly pretentious, yet funny. I'm not fluent in Italian (this is from an Italian-themed shopping center), but it seems to be this street is named Curve of the Euro which could be translated to Curve of the Dollar. I'm not sure this was the intention, but the name is apt for a street inside a shopping center!

It's the beginning of a new month, that means it's theme day time! To see what other kinds of funny signs people from around the world have posted click here. I also have a treat for you on my travel blog.

Brown Stain Heart

Brown stain in the grass
Appears to me like a heart
Mother Nature takes care

To see more random hearts, click here!

Bridge over Lakeland Blvd

This bridge connects Saint Dominic Hospital to the Dominican Plaza. Lakeland Drive is one of our busier streets, so hospital personnel and visitors need a safe way to get from one spot to another.

By 7pm most of the traffic has cleared out. It makes for smooth sailing home from my yoga class which meets in the hospital gym at the Plaza.

Happy Sunday everyone! To see more bridges from around the world, please click on the bridges link.