Heron on the Second

I often see this heron on the golf course, but I never manage to get a photo of her. If you look closely on the right, you'll see the blue beauty perched on a tree stump in the distance.

My husband and I are thinking of changing golf clubs. It will be hard to say goodbye to the beautiful scenery and wildlife here.


I caught this bit of sky at dusk today. That's the moon getting ready to rise. If you'd like to see some other skies, take a look here.


This is a look at just some of the tasty drinks on offer at The Fondren Beverage Co.

Fondren is an area of downtown Jackson which is coming back into vogue. There are lots of cute little shops, art galleries and restaurants. It's one of the nicest places to hang out in Jackson. Tonight they had an open house, many of the shops stayed open late and offered snacks and drinks to patrons. There was also some live music in the streets. It was nice to get some fresh air and browse the shops.


I found this dude out in one of my trees. I hope it's a sign that there will be lots of butterflies in my yard this summer!

Weed or Wildflower?

This flower began growing in my yard a few weeks ago. I purposely did not cut it down because I was curious to see what it would look like in bloom. After a weekend away, I returned to find this three foot monster! It is not the prettiest of flowers, but the yellow is nice and sunny.

Anyone here happen to know what kind of plant it is? I'll probably cut it down soon as it appears to be more weed-ish than wildflower-y.

Off to Reno!

I actually meant to post this photo earlier, but I never had a chance this weekend. This was the state of affairs at the Jackson airport last Friday. We had a small tornado that came through town at precisely the time my flight was supposed to leave. The nerve!

Although we took off late, I finally made it all the way to Salt Lake City Friday evening. On Saturday morning I landed in my final destination, Reno. Although my weekend was cut a little short, I enjoyed the time in Reno and nearby Lake Tahoe.

Gate 15 certainly looked different tonight when I got home. The trip home always seems to go faster than the trip there!