Record Snowfall

The Oklahoma City winter snowstorm of December 2009 will be one to remember! 14.1 inches of snow!! I think we should do the holidays in Jackson next year.

La Creche

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you are enjoying time with friends, family and loved ones.


That's a lot of lights!

Let's just say they're getting "into the season." Let's hope they are energy-efficient bulbs! Here's wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas Eve. My husband and I are in Oklahoma City and it looks like we will have a real white Christmas. Maybe we should have stayed in Jackson where it's still 65F/18C!!

Merry Christmas

The message is clear on this house. Although, had they known they might have thought of wishing my Mum a happy birthday instead!


I hope you're ready for some Christmas decorations. I'm going to show a whole series of different light displays I've seen around town. Some people really go all out!

I've got the week off from work, so I won't be on the computer as much, but I will still take a look at all my favorite blogs when I can. Hope you are having happy holidays so far!

Mietz-Mietz on the Fence

This big red guy stops by quite often. I just hope he's not waiting to pounce on any birds!