Grill Reflections

The reflection of the pool in the grill room's window. This photo was taken after the Firecracker scramble on July 4th.

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Sunset on the Rez

The July 4th sunset. I took some pre-fireworks shots that turned out very nicely.

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Shapley's is one of the top steakhouses in town. When it's not too hot, they'll put tables out on this terrace.

Pelican Cove by Night

A nighttime view on Jackson's hottest spot on The Rez! Boats can dock in the back and stop in for a bite or to fill up their tanks.

Lady Finch

A lady finch poses for the camera.

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We didn't really find a fireworks show last night, so we went to the reservoir. From there, we saw several different shows. Some of them were pretty far away, but we still enjoyed it and I got a few good shots too!

Splish Splash

There was a firecracker scramble and a big pool party at my golf club today. It was good fun - there was music, games and loads of food. Now I've just got to figure out where to view some fireworks tonight.

Happy 4th of July!