This bench might be a nice place to sit and do some reflecting. Or you could admire the reflections in the window.

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I'm going to be off for a week doing some reflecting in the Bahamas. I won a Disney cruise as part of a drawing at work and vacation time has finally rolled around. Please enjoy Jackson Daily Photo on auto pilot until I return.

Fancy Hotel

This Hyatt is quite new to the Jackson area and it looks pretty nice. The yellowish tint looks nice against the blue sky at dusk.

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I've heard of plenty of addictions, but to bath products? I suppose it could be worse.

Picket Fence

A white fence marks the boundaries of the 18th hole on Patrick Farms. You'll see a substation in the background if you look closely.

Orange Faces

Some more lovely blooms from the Renaissance shopping center.

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Juvvie Pecker

I got a few shots of this juvenile red-headed woodpecker at my feeder. They start out in black-and-white and later their head feathers molt into that beautiful, bright red. Eventually he'll look like this.

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Happy Blogiversary!

Today is the third anniversary of Jackson Daily Photo. To celebrate, I've made a collage of 36 of my favorite photos, one for every month I've been keeping this blog up. Feel free to "embiggen" and enjoy.

I'd like to thank all my "readers" and "lookers" out there. When I first moved to Jackson in 2007, I didn't really know what to expect. But I've had a lot of fun discovering this city and sharing it with others through this blog. I certainly hope you've enjoyed this ride as much as I have.