Rain in Rennes

Okay, I know this is cheating sort of, but I must admit I don't have any pictures on hand for today. In lieu of a picture of Jackson, I'm posting this photo of the Saturday outdoor market in Rennes. This picture was taken in December 2006, it was the last time I've been in Bretagne. Rennes has one of the nicest markets I've ever been to. You can find almost anything there - fresh produce, flowers, meats, cheeses, even hand-knit socks!

The weather that day reminds me of how it's been lately here in Jackson, cold and wet. We did see a little sun today, but it was still cold. I'll be in Florida this weekend and I hope to see some sun there at least!

Buffalo Wild Wings

Tonight I met some friends at Buffalo Wild Wings. It's a local outlet of a national chain of sports bars. The walls are packed with TVs and you can see almost any kind of sporting event here - from basketball to sumo wrestling! But I guess the main draw is the wings. Apparently the first restaurant opened in Columbus, Ohio when two Buffalo, NY natives got tired of searching for their favorite hometown fare. They have all kinds of different sauces to use on them, from sweet to really spicy.

Wings are not my thing, but I do like the interactive trivia. I did pretty good tonight. I was always in the top five, but I admit I got some help on the sports questions. We're going to try to meet up next Tuesday for Pub Quiz at Hal and Mals. You can win money there and I think our combined knowledge will lead us pretty far.


My husband and I went furniture shopping this weekend. As we've already browsed some of the local stores, we knew ahead of time what to expect - not much of what we like and lots of really traditional pieces. However, we didn't expect a carousel!

This carousel is located inside Miskelly, the city's largest furniture store. Don't get your hopes up, it's not for sale. Kids (and adults) pay one dollar for a spin and all the money goes to children's charities like Make-A-Wish or the Children's Cancer Fund.

Dear Deer

I was driving around on Sunday afternoon and spotted these deer. There were three of them on this side of the road and one on the other. Deer spottings are actually quite frequent in and around the Natchez Trace. Although these are the first live creatures I've seen since moving here. What beauties!

You Make My Day

I received this award on Friday from Clarice at Saint Malo DP.

The award rules say: "Give the award to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about blogland. Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so they can pass it on. Beware you may get the award several times."

In return, here are some of my favorite photo blogs, in no particular order. Some of these I have chosen for nostalgic reasons - places I've lived or know well. Others are just places I hope to visit one day. But all of them have great photos by (as far as I can tell) great people. Thanks for sharing your time and talents. Cheers!

Selma, Alabama by Rambling Round
Hyde, England by Hyde DP
Brookvile, Ohio by Abraham Lincoln
Portland, OR by Lynette
Terrel, TX by Brian
Sydney, Australia by Sally
Wichita, KS by Wendy
Lisbon, Portugal by Sailor Girl
Minneapolis, MN by the Mitchster
Evry, France by Olivier