Fondren Building By Night

The Fondren building houses artist ateliers, workshops, boutiques and offices. I was there last Thursday to audition for a play which will be put on by the Fondren Theater Workshop. Keep your fingers crossed for me, it's sounds like a really funny show.

Happy weekend everyone, hope you're enjoying some time at home and not fighting crowds at the mall.

Skywatch Friday

Here's a last look at the remnants of Jackson's annual snow storm. There's a bit of blue sky peeking through which melted it all away very quickly.

Happy Friday everyone! For more skies from around the world, click on the skywatch link.

Holiday Decorations

These inflatable decorations seem to be the latest thing. I just wonder how much energy they use to keep them filled up with air. This was a cute one at least!


We went to a holiday party at a friend's house. They had everything decorated for the season and a different tree in every room. I can't imagine how many ornaments and such they must have!

Here's a sample of two of the prettiest ones, but I swear there were five or six in total! We had a great time in any case and hope to be invited back next year.


This is a red-bellied woodpecker. Don't ask me why they call them that, as their bellies are pure white. These guys are not as common to my area as yesterday's pecker, so it's a real treat that he stopped by and posed for my camera. This photo is quite recent so perhaps he was just passing through on his way somewhere else, or maybe he's made our beautiful pines his new home!

I promise though that this is the end of the woodpecker pics for awhile. Hope you're not getting tired of them.

Adult Woodpecker

Here's what our young friend from yesterday will grow up to look like, an adult red-headed woodpecker. Perhaps this is even his mum or daddy!

Juvenile Woodpecker

I was cleaning off some digital memory cards this weekend when I found a whole pile of pictures from my Wingscapes camera that I had never looked through. About 80 percent were of house finches, but there were also a couple of nice cardinals and woodpeckers, including this young fellow. He's a juvenile red-headed woodpecker, they are all black/gray when they're young so they are less vulnerable from predators, etc. But when he grows up, he'll have a beautiful head of red feathers.

Hope you're having a nice weekend! It's going to be tough going back to work tomorrow. I'm certainly looking forward to the upcoming break!