Good Friday

In my opinion all Fridays are good - but this one especially since I'm off work.

Here's wishing everyone a wonderful Easter weekend! And a happy Passover too!

Palace at the TV Tower

This is the sign in front of Berlin's main convention center. Somehow the word palace makes it seem fancy. The funkturm is the TV tower - but not that funny-looking space needle thing in the East. The West had its own TV tower back in the separated days - it looks sort of like a mini Eiffel Tower. Now it serves mainly as a restaurant and observation deck.

Cosmic bowling

Some people call it disco bowling or night bowling. Whatever you call it, it's alot of fun! I like the way my "ghostie" images came out.

Light and shadows

I didn't have much time to get out and about in Berlin, but my MiL's garden offered some lovely shots. I like the way the light and shadows play on this wood bin.

I'd also like to dedicate this post to an old friend of mine, Nicole Dolci. I recently learned that she passed away after a lengthy struggle with colon cancer. My dear friend, you will be missed.

Back to the daily grind...

I'm back at my normal place of work today. While in Germany I worked from a different office so I wouldn't have to take a week's vacation. My company has a huge campus over there with scads of offices and different manufacturing areas.

This was not really the building I worked in, but it looked so nice in the evening sun. The working conditions in Germany are also far superior to what I have here in the US. Over there everyone sits in a big open space with plenty of natural light from the windows. Over here I am stuck in an interior cublicle and subjected to 8 hours of flourescent lighting.

Ah well... it's nice to be home!

Lutheran Church

In Germany, the states have a religious affiliation to the Catholic or Protestant (Lutheran) church. Berlin is a protestant state - so there are loads of lovely Lutheran houses of worship. The bad thing about living in a Protestant state is you don't get all the Catholic holidays off from work - like 15 August (Mary's trip to heaven day).

Unfortunately, I didn't catch the name of this one. And chances are, it doesn't have a website anyway!

We're flying back to Jackson today. It's been a lot of fun here in Berlin, but it's always nice to come home. I just hope the weather is ok. I heard the south has been hit with a lot of storms and rain.