Rue 21, etc.

Finally Jackson has joined the ranks of the fashion elite! We now have our very own Rue 21, Etc. I have been yearning for one ever since I saw it on Ocala Daily Photo. I always knew that Jacob was a fashion-forward, trend-setting sort of guy.

Happy Friday!!

Bug Heaven

My Bug plus two others make this parking lot look almost like a Volkswagen dealership!

Last Look

A last look at the record-setting snow we had last week. It was nice to stay home for a day, but I really hope the cold temps are on their way out. I miss the mild Mississippi winters.

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PS: There was still a little bit of Mr. Snowman left in my neighbor's yard this morning. I think he's held out longer than any of the snowpeople in my neighborhood. It's supposed to get up into the 50s (11c) today though, so this is probably his last stand.

Electric Motorcycle

I spent last week in Orlando at a conference for transformers. It sounds pretty boring, but we got to have a little fun too! I took pictures of people on our "SmartChopper" and I got to meet Paul Senior in person, although he's not the wordiest of fellows.

The SmartChopper is a pretty cool bike. There are some downsides though. Since it's all-electric, it doesn't make any noise (which sort of defeats the purpose of a motorcycle) and it can only go around 60 miles per charge (don't take it out for any long rides). It was cool to see it in person.

Mr. Snowman

Almost every kid on my block made a snowman on Friday. This was one of the nicer ones, although I have a suspicion is was actually built by the father. He was still hanging in there on Sunday to say good-bye.

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Confidential to Dad: Happy Birthday!!!

More Snow!

Yesterday I showed you the snow view from my front yard. Here's how it looked in my backyard, plus some bonus video.

The snow came down softly and quietly.

But it was already beginning to melt away just a few hours later.

PS: Happy hearts day to all who are celebrating!