There was a big biker meeting tonight at the Buffalo Wild Wings. My husband and I stopped by after playing golf. Even after only nine holes, neither of us usually feels like cooking. I liked all the colors of the bikes - there were even more in the parking lot.

Wet Season

It seems to have been raining quite a lot here in Jackson the past few days. Although my plants and flowers do need the water, it's getting a little ridiculous! It also makes getting to and from work a big hassle. I think they ought to have rain days where everyone can just stay home.

This picture is from my Monday morning drive. Don't worry I was the passenger. We had another big storm like this on the way home last night as well. I wonder if all of this rain is somehow linked to tropical storm (or is she a hurricane now?) Fay.


This is a different take on the "what is it Wednesday" that Chris at Nashville does every week. I often see vanity plates around town that I don't understand.

So, what do you think it means?

Sway's Bistro

Tonight the Mississippi Murder Mysteries had another performance. This time it was at Sway's Bistro. I liked this window to nowhere that was at the entrance. My photo probably doesn't really do it justice, but I think the iron design is nice.

Sway's is a smaller space than Basil's, where we had our last performance, which has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the good points is you don't have to walk so far and you have a more intimate relationship with the audience. On the other hand, it's hard not to have your back to someone, especially with booth seating. But I think the show went over really well and the audience seemed to enjoy it. We'll be back at Sway's next month - maybe I'll get some more shots then!

Herr Frosch / Mme Grenouille

I was pulling weeds in my backyard this weekend when this little guy jumped out at me. He gave me a bit of a fright initially. But then I went in to get my camera.

He seemed to enjoy being photographed. He kept turning this way and that. And I swear he was looking at me!


I believe these peaches are from Alabama. The fruit stand I patronize gets its fruits and veggies from local farmers and neighboring states. I'm not too keen on peaches actually. I much prefer the smooth skin of nectarines. I also think the white flesh peaches/nectarines are tastier. They don't have those much at the stand though because they are more fragile and can't stand the journey.