Fondren IV

A sign marking one of the buildings in the Fondren district.

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! Get out and play the lottery!!

Fondren III

Butterfly Yoga is a Fondren institution. It's been voted the best place to exercise for several years running by the Jackson Free Press. I'd love to take a class there sometime and see what it's all about!

Fondren II

I have it on good authority that Kolb's has been in this location for 40 years or more. I like the old-timey look of the sign. I wonder if it really is old, or if they just made it to look that way to fit in with the Fondren feel.

I also like that they have a night drop for customers to leave their clothes after-hours, although I'm not sure how they distinguish whose clothes are whose, but I guess they have some way of figuring it out!

Fondren I

It came as no surprise to me that this beautiful building is home to an architect's office! I just love the design and those big windows in the front. It's too bad the tulips were not in full bloom yet, but I think I caught the reflection of the blue sky and the building across the street quite well.

Fondren is a district of downtown Jackson that is trying to bring life back to the heart of the city. The area is filled with cute boutiques and trendy restaurants. I hope you'll enjoy this short series of photos from the district!

Under contruction

I like the simplicity of the stained glass windows in this little chapel, it's only too bad it wasn't a sunny day when I came by. I'm glad this old building is being taken care of though. I hate to see old treasures lost.

Old Church

I'm not sure who this old chapel belongs to. I'm thinking perhaps The First Methodist of Ridgeland since it was located on the grounds behind it. I was driving by last weekend and decided to check it out. I'm glad I did, it was a real gem - come back tomorrow for a peek inside.

I'm off to the Carribean today for a week of crusing. I've got the blog on automatic posting, so you won't miss a thing that's happening in Jackson!