Sundown on the 15th

I don't think this post needs any explanation.

Happy Friday everyone! Take a look at some of the other skies around the world at Skywatch.


The Bingo Buffet consisted of fried chicken, beef tips, mashed pots, friend okra... everything I tried was quite tasty!

100 Strangers

I decided to post this as part of Birmingham Alabama's 100 Strangers challenge. These are some of the winners of last Friday's Bingo game who graciously posed for me and the club photographer. I believe the woman in the blue windsuit was the night's big winner.

Bingo Night!

Last Friday my husband and I had dinner at our golf club which was followed by a Bingo game. Each card cost three dollars. The first game was worth five, the seond eight and the third ten. The last three games were worth twenty, forty and one hundred dollars respectively. I think those are pretty good prizes! We didn't win anything, but check back tomorrow to see who did.

500 kv building

My work recently added this tall area on to our existing plant. The plan is to build 500 kv breakers in there - they need more head room! The new sign just went up last week and quite a few of us gathered to see it. I should have taken a picture when it just said MENS.

I'm actually not at work today though since down here in Mississippi we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day. With that said, happy Monday everyone!

Ridgecrest Baptist Church

I have decided to post a picture of a local church each Sunday. There's no shortage of them around here - so it will be awhile before I've exhausted all the options!

This church is the third in a row of three churches all on the same street. I wonder if they vie for "business" - one of the others is Methodist denomination and the other is simply the Victory church. Ridgecrest has a nice steeple as well as a very elaborate website. I never knew churches were so technology-savvy!