Olga's in Black and White

The murder mystery show that I was invited to recently took place at Olga's. I had never been there before, it was really nice. I especially like this wall mural. It gives the place a European feel.

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Fountain Reflections

A scene from the campus of Belhaven College. It's my submission to James' Weekend Reflection series.

The Caring Hands

This time of year is the perfect time to show the community that you care. I joined the Caring Hands recently to prepare and serve a dinner to women and children at a local shelter. My colleagues and I enjoyed the fellowship of the women and the playfulness of the children.

December Theme Day: Time for Shopping

Fondren can be a nice place to do some holiday shopping, especially if you're looking for something unique. Add a sale on top of that, and you've got it all!

This is my contribution to the CDP December Theme Day. I've also got a bonus time photo on my Travel Blog.


I was invited to see The Case of the Birthday Surprise by Mississippi Murder Mysteries at no charge a few weeks back in exchange for some publicity photos. I took these during the shows, so I couldn't use the flash. Although this isn't one of the best photos from that session, I like the effect of one of the characters hanging some police tape around "the body". I call it the Walt-nado.

Welcome Visit

Cardinals are always welcome in my yard. I haven't gotten many good Wingscapes photos lately, but here's a nice one!

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Bluff Bridge

This bridge takes you over Eubanks Creek inside the LeFleur's Bluff state park. My family and I walked some of the nature trails as a post-Thanksgiving workout. It was a nice day to be outside and we enjoyed the views.

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