Since I don't eat meat, I didn't try the hot dogs. I did try these mushrooms though and they were delicious!

Jackson photos will be back next week. I hope you've enjoyed this look at the holidays in Berlin!

Hot diggity dog!

These are the German version of hot dogs. They take the long dogs and put them into a piece of bread about the size of a dinner roll. They're quite funny looking, but the Germans probably think our long buns are strange too!

Wall of color

These colorful lights are found all over the lobby of the Berliner Philharmonie. The building is fantastic from the inside and out. The acoustics are also astounding. The Berlin Philharmonie is one of the most recorded orchestras in the world. It's really a world class organization. If you ever get a chance to hear them play - take it!

Berliner Philharmonie

My MiL took my husband and I out for a concert at the Berlin Philharmonie. We saw Mahler's Third and it was spectacular! The orchestra was under the direction of Zubin Mehta and there was also a boy's choir, a women's choir and an alto soloist. What a spectacle!

PS: Bonne fete des rois!!

Potsdamer Platz Arkaden

This is the view from the grand windows at the Potsdamer Platz shopping center. My husband and I always make a trip down there for an ice cream when we're in town. I thought the combination of decorations from outside and inside looked very pretty.

The Kudamm

The Kudamm is really spectacular during the holidays. There are always beautiful light displays. I just love the simplicity of the trees with a star on the top.