Window Reflections

Reflections in a window at the old Madison Station Elementary School. It's such a shame it's not used for something anymore.

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Secretary of State

This is the Mississippi Secretary of State's office. It's just across the street from the current state capitol building. The state and US flags look nice waving in the breeze.

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Caroline Watertower

The watertower over Lake Caroline. I think these structures are the quintessential sight in American cities.

Temple Doorway

A doorway into the Hindu Temple with explicit instructions on what one is to do and not to do inside the temple.

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Blue Heron

A blue heron takes flight over Lake Caroline. A beautiful sight, indeed!

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Cotton Flower

This is what a cotton bowl looks like close-up. I can't imagine what it was like in the old days when people had to pick this stuff by hand. I'm sure there were some bloody fingers.

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Caroline Bridge

A little bridge in the residential area of Lake Caroline.

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