Foggy Reflections

The fog was out early one evening. This scene may look quite rural, but it's actually a small creek near the Wal-Mart.

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Kristos is a new Greek place that opened recently near our house. We tried it out a few days back. The food was okay, but the service was terrible. Mediterranean grill is still the top spot in the city for felafel and hummus - what people around here call "Greek" food.

Once Comfy Bench

I've shown you this bench before. The last time I saw it, it was covered with colorful cushions which made it a bit more inviting. Perhaps the owner of this shop now wants to discourage loitering. Or maybe it's just because the weather is cooling and less people are staying outside. I guess we'll never know!

Mysterious Doorway

I haven't done any theater for some time, so I was excited when a friend of mine called me up to ask if I wanted to be a part of a Mississippi Murder Mysteries production. We performed one of our standard shows and the crowd really seemed to enjoy it. I just might have to do another one of these soon!

Rossini's made sure to warn prospective diners that their resto was closed this evening for a special event. Ciel from Versailles always has a nice doorway to show you on Wednesdays, please stop be and see!

Senate Details

Details from the senate room at the old capitol building. I've shown you the Senators before, but here is a nice detail from the building itself.

Pink Pansies

I spotted these on the Belhaven campus awhile back. It's gotten pretty cold here in Jackson though, so not sure if they have survived our recent frost. I still have the picture to enjoy though.

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Temple Details

This is a detail from the Hindu Temple in Jackson. I don't know anything about the gods and goddesses, but this one looks sort of important.