Happy New Year!

A look at the Charlottenburg Castle decorated for the holidays! I wish all my readers joy and good health in 2011.

Another Feathered Friend

A colorful tit in my MiL's yard. He and his friends come often to her feeder for treats. He looks especially nice against the white snow.


Ice on a tree in Berlin. I like the mix of different textures.

Red Friend

I usually do not like squirrels, but I have to admit these red ones with tufty ears are pretty cute. I also caught this one at the feeder in my MiL's backyard, it was also taken with my new zoom.

Confidential to my husband: Happy Birthday!!!

Jay Bird

A Eurasian Jay seen at the feeder at my MiL's house. This photo was taken with my new zoom lens. Not too bad, eh?

To see more birds from around the world, visit Bird Freak.

Season's Greetings

Holiday candles help warm you up a bit on a cold, snowy evening. Our Christmas was cheery despite the recent death of my FiL. My husband and I will spend New Year's in Davos, Switzerland with friends. I hope to get loads of lovely photos with my new lens Santa brought me for Christmas.

PS: We also got fast internet with WiFi for my MiL, so now I can surf a little more often when we come to Berlin!