Hidden View

Another view of the lovely hole. Soon all these green grassy things will be blooming flowers. I can't wait!

The weekend is underway, hope you are enjoying it. To see more reflections from around the world, click on the reflections link.

Sunset over the Golf

Another beautiful sky and there's no better time to enjoy it than on a Friday night on the 18th hole of the golf course.

Happy Friday everyone! It's getting hot down here, but hopefully we'll still be able to keep cool and get some golf in. To see more skies from around the world, click on the skywatch link.


I believe a family of bees has moved into my bluebird house. I've seen them flying in and out quite a bit lately. At this point I guess I should be happy that anyone lives there! We may have to modify the terms of their mortgage though.

Garden Roses

My roses are looking great this year. Must be all the rain and sunshine we've been having! I just love the deep pink of these beauties.

To see more flowers from gardens around the world, click on the flowers link.

Beetlebug Yellow!

I saw this one in the parking lot of the Kroger the other day. Another old one to add to my collection!
PS: I have added a new label for VW Bugs in the labels section since I seem to be getting quite a collection of photos of Beetles - old and new.

Holy Cow!

If you haven't tried Louis La Vache's coffee yet, get your order in toute suite! My husband and I have had such a hard time finding a good roast with a nice European (i.e. strong) flavor. But I think we have it now. We always drink a lovely coffee on the weekends and my husband gave this one the highest compliment "it's very coffee-y". All I said was yummm!!

Next weekend, oatmeal waffles from the Leif Hagen family recipe.

Bridge at the Lovely Hole

Today I'm combining the Sunday bridge series and the weekend reflection series! This is a small footbridge over the lovely hole (number 12 at Colonial golf course). There are so many great views on this hole. I'm just waiting for all the flowers around the edge of the water to bloom. That's going to be really spectacular!

Hope you are all having a great weekend! Please click on the bridges link for more bridges and the reflection link for more reflections.