Skywatch Friday: Sunset

Another beautiful sunset to take you into the weekend. Hope it's a good one!

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Sad Bug

You don't often see a Volkswagen being towed as they are such reliable cars. And I must admit, it's not really this Bug's fault but its owner's. You see, I did something very, very bad to my sweet, little Bug. I put regular gas in its diesel engine. The best thing I can say is that it didn't get far, but now the engine has to be cleaned and flushed. Hopefully he'll be back up and running soon without any permanent damage.

I miss him though.

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I remember these days, although they seem long ago. I hope to be back on the course soon!

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I'm Back!

Our cruise through the Hawaiian islands was wonderful!

Unfortunately, we didn't play any golf (it costs a small fortune when you don't have your clubs, etc), but maybe next time as there were so many beautiful courses. I'll be showing more pictures from paradise on my other blog, Here and There.