Pond Reflections

Reflections of a beautiful blue sky, with a pelican and a couple of birds as a bonus!

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Remembering Blue Skies

Blue skies! I wish we had more of these lately. The weather has been so strange - cold, warm, - warm, cold - just make up your mind.

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Thanks buddy! My back was getting a little itchy. More from the Jackson Zoo.

Arched Doorway

One of the many beautiful  arched doorways at the Fondren Presbyterian Church. The light was beautiful on this day. To see a beautiful French doorway, please visit Ciel in Versailles.

February Theme Day: Fountains

This one comes to you from the Jackson Zoo, complete with beautiful fall colors! I've been using some shots from the archives because I've been busy lately with other occupations, like home improvements!

Remember back at the first of the month, I said there was some big news in the works, well here it is... I'm moving to Toronto in March! But don't get too sad yet, JDP will live on under the guidance of my friend, Dreamer's Click. He will be doing some guest posts in February to get the hang of things and sometime after he'll take over full time.

I'm very excited about the new adventures ahead of me. There are still a few hurdles to overcome (like selling a house), but I am looking forward to good times in Canada. And hopefully I'll find time to open a daily photo blog up there too!

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I woke up the other day to find a flock of migrating blackbirds taking a rest in my backyard and the yard across the street. They were quite timid though. As soon as I brought my camera out, they flew away. Hope they make it to their final destination!

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A working bridge near the Pearl River walking trail. I'm not sure what or who walks up there, but I think it has something to do with the water treatment plant that's a few miles up the road.

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