Pull up a Seat

These colorful chairs must be a nice place to sit in the warmer months. You can find them outside my favorite bagelry, the Beagle Bagel in Ridgeland. The reflections in the window are a bonus!

To see more reflections from around the world, visit James' Weekend Reflections series.

This was picked up at Natchez Trace Parkway

This place offers great opportunities for photography. I had some good pictures from here but I lost most of them when my HDD crashed. Its time to revisit and restore the loss !

Doorway to Light

This door will take you into one of our local lighting shops. You can find all kinds of lamps and light fixtures there, although most of them are a little too fancy for my taste.

To see a beautiful French doorway, visit Ciel in Versailles.

Waiting for spring

This clock tower at Renaissance in Ridgeland seemed to me like a countdown to spring.

White Birds

A pair of lovely birds as seen at the Jackson Zoo. Unfortunately I don't remember what type they are. Please feel free to leave their name in the comments, if you know what they are. To see more birds from around the world, visit Bird Freak.

I'm going to be out of town this week at a conference. Dreamer's Click will be posting some images and I've got a few scheduled as well. And don't forget my Travel Blog. It'll be up and running all week!

Sun Facing the Sun

Thanks to my dear friend Halcyon for letting me continue her blog. Hope you all like Jackson through my eyes.

Today's picture is titled "Sun facing the Sun". These pansies look so alive after surviving the harsh weather conditions we had in Jackson over the last few days...so are the people of Jackson...