My feeder is getting many more birds this year than in previous years. And I'm really happy the bluebird couple has moved into our little home. They both visit the feeder often and patrol to make sure no other birds get near their little nest.

My wingscapes caught this guy with his mouth full. I think it's a great shot!

Skywatch Friday

A blue sky and a golf course, what more can you ask for?

Happy Friday everyone! Click on the Skywatch link to see more skies from around the world.

Last Trees

There's a little forest area behind the eighteenth hole. I've always thought it looks a bit like a harvesting area for Christmas trees!

People say they see deer and other animals here quite often. I'm not surprised. The name Deerfield had to come from somewhere, right?

More Trees

These trees are between the ninth and tenth holes on Deerfield. I thought they somehow looked stately.


I took some pictures of different trees on the golf course this weekend. It's funny because I never noticed this dead one before. So I got to wondering if it was always like that and I never noticed, or if the recent storms and cold led to its demise. Perhaps I should ask a more observant golfer.

This tree comes to you from the number eight hole at Deerfield.