Sunset Reflections

Another look at the sunset over Lake Caroline.

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City Hall

Jackson's very own City Hall. And there's our own Andrew Jackson ready to greet you!

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Old Beetle

I spotted this old VW in a parking lot the other day. It's amazing how tough these things can be. I think this is a really old one and I always enjoy seeing them!

Doorway Detail

This is a detail on the doorways at the War Memorial Building in downtown Jackson. It was built under the Works Progress Administration. These doors were hand cast in aluminum and depict different types of war instruments and the year they first came on the scene. It's a beautiful piece of work.

Red Man

A beautiful red man stops by for a snack.

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Rose of Sharon

We have had a really mild fall so far, it's been it the high 80s most days. Because of that, a lot of flowers are still hanging around which is very nice. I spotted this rose of sharon in the Fondren area this weekend and got a quick shot for you to enjoy. So enjoy!

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Bass Bridge

A small bridge inside our local Bass Pro Shop. It's not my favorite place, but sometimes you just have to go there!

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