Plantation Interiors

The skies have turned from dark and ominous to bright blue! My husband wanted to take me to the Plantation Interiors for a look around today. This is the place where he bought the stump. Unfortunately, they were not open.

I hope we'll have time to go sometime during the week. I got a look at some of their inventory by peering through the windows. It looks like they have a lot of really nice things!

Skywatch: Ross Barnett Reservoir

Today's sky was ominous and cloudy. We had a very heavy afternoon storm and there were several tornado watches out. I stopped by this patch of the Rez (as it's known around here) on my way home from work. It's always a good place for reflection and photos!

To check out some other skies around the world, take a look here.


Unfortunately, daily service has been interrupted. Blogger is having serious problems and I can't upload my photo of the day. Regularly scheduled photo to return tomorrow, I hope!


This picture comes to you from my friendly neighborhood Kroger store! A new outpost just opened up off I-55 and today is the second time I've been there. It is quite convenient on my drive home from work and they have a large international section. My favorite area is the French aisle and I was very tempted to buy some extra-dark chocolate Petit Ecolier cookies today, but luckily I did not give into temptation!

I love this display of Swedish muesli and I think it's even funnier that it's mixed in with some Irish oatmeal. I guess those countries didn't deserve an actual aisle, so they just have to share a shelf. I wonder if Swedish people really partake in this particular breakfast delight, and if they do, is it really good?

More Beverages...

This is another look inside the Fondren Beverage Co. They have all kinds of old-time-y penants advertising different sorts of drinks.

The Heron, Finally!

I was on the golf course this afternoon and I finally got a (somewhat) up close snap of this beautiful, blue heron. Maybe she knows I'm thinking of leaving the club and wanted to get her close-up. In any case, it was just amazing. I love all kinds of birds and especially herons - they are so graceful.


I'm not sure what kind of flowers these are. I think some kind of lily or daffodil. I am definitely enjoying the signs of spring around town and I hope you are too!