Skywatch Friday: Full Moon

This picture was actually taken a few weeks ago at the Renaissance shopping center. Although the shopping center has that authentic imitation Italian feel to it, you can't fake a fantastic full moon!

Happy Friday everyone, hope you're not suffering from post-Thanksgiving indigestion!! To see more skies from around the world, click on the skywatch link.

Wheatie Grass Thingie

I can't remember what this type of grass is called. I'm sure someone will be happy to remind me. It's been doing some latel blooming lately. I just love the way it looks against the blue, blue sky.

I'm headed to New Orleans for Thanksgiving. I won't have access to the internet, but I wish all of my American friends a wonderful long weekend. And I hope those of you outside the US have a lot to be thankful for too!

Sad Trees

The trees on the golf course looked so sad this weekend. The leaves are falling fast.


I've seen this little brother at my feeder a couple of times now. Unfortunately he never gets close enough for a full picture. He's pretty though and I hope he comes back so I can get his full portrait!


I found these beautiful fragrant beauties on the golf course this weekend. You could smell them from 54 yards away. Wonderful!

Changing Colors

Even the ivy is turning from green to red. I just can't get over the soft fall light. It's terrific. Hope you are having a nice, relaxing weekend. I certainly am!