McDade's is the only remaining locally owned grocery store in Jackson. I don't actually shop there because there aren't any locations near where I live. But I have always admired this particular branch on the fringe of downtown Jackson. I like the old-English look I guess.

Skywatch Friday

Okay, I promised that today's post would not be critter related. I lied. If you look closely, you'll see a mockingbird perched on the branch.

We've had plenty of blue skies and heat lately. It's good for my tomatoes, but not so good for my golf game. Take a look at other skies from around the world at the skywatch blog.

Mietz Mietz!

This is my sister's kitty. His name is Hubert, but I like to call him Mietz Mietz (that's German for kitty) or Mietzle Mietzle. He is a mix of Siamese and Manx and about the cutest thing on 4 paws. Notice the freckle on his nose.

Tomorrow will be something non-animal related, I promise!

Psychedelic Owls

Keeping with the animal theme, I found this painting at my local library. They were having an exposition of local artists. For some reason, I found them very compelling. Must be the colors!

Turtle Ridge

I've been spending quite a bit of time in the Turtle Ridge subdivision lately. The director/producer of Mississippi Murder Mysteries lives there and we rehearse in her home. Each of the mailboxes in the neighborhood is adorned with a cute little turtle like this guy.

So far, we have three shows schedueld for August. I hope a few more come through, I'm ready to start doing some performances!

Greetings from OKC!

My husband and I have had a great time visiting in OKC. Although the people around here find the heat miserable, we actually enjoyed a respite from the heat and humidity of Jackson.

Tomorrow I'll be back to my regular Jackson posting, but I hope you enjoy this look at the Oklahoma City Seal. I found it in the Will Rogers World Airport, which recently underwent a major rennovation (which was a huge success btw). Sometimes I actually miss my home city!