Jackson Yacht Club

I still think it's a bit pretentious for a landlocked city to have a yacht club, but the view over the reservoir can't be beat, especially at dusk.

Happy Friday everyone! Click on the skywatch link to see other skies from around the world.

Sign of the Times

Another business has closed in the Jackson area. I never ate here and probably wouldn't have, but it's sad to see so many shuttered doors and for sale signs.

More Food!

As I said yesterday, my husband and I often lack the motivation to make dinner after a hard day at work. Last night he invited me for a wonderful meal at Ely's. I recently noticed a sign for the place in one of the new shopping areas around our house and I thought it sounded good.

I had a grilled shrimp salad and a glass of white wine. It was delicious! The shrimp were firm and fresh and the salad was crisp and varied. It was a bit expensive for what it was, but the atmosphere was nice and we enjoyed the company of our bartender. I would definitely go back for a special occaison or maybe just for drinks.

Home Cooking!

My husband and I both enjoy cooking, although during the week it's often difficult to find the time and motivation to whip up something lovely for dinner. So we use the weekend to experiment with new dishes and fix old favorites. Last Sunday I tried a new pasta recipe: penne with sun-dried tomatoes, wilted spinach and goat cheese. It was delicious - we'll definitely put this one into our weekend rotation.


Albritons is a Jackson institution. It's a jewelry store also located in the Highland Village shopping center. Although it's an upscale store, I've hardly ever seen it empty. I guess there's always a couple shopping for wedding bands or a husband looking for the perfect anniversary gift. I like their crest near the entrance. It might also be the only place in town with its own heraldry.

Up Close and Personal

My birdcam got a little turned around during some of the recent storms. It wasn't exactly pointed directly at the feeder, but it worked to my advantage for this photo. I love the close up on this little brother. He's a tufted titmouse and I've seen him quite a bit at my feeder now.

I'm very pleased with the results I'm getting from my wingscapes cam. I don't want to overwhelm my blog with bird photos though, so I'm thinking of dedicating one day a week to my feathered friends.