Halloween: Day 4

And yet another display of scarecrows. They really are most popular around here!

Halloween: Day 3

I passed this little pumpkin stand the other day. The merchandise is washed and ready for carving or painting. The best models have been chosen from the patch for your shopping convenience!

Halloween: Day 2

One of my neighbors put out some colorful mums and cute little scarecrows. It seems they're pretty popular decorations here in Jackson!

Halloween: Day 1

I am going to do a series of photos on Halloween decorations around town this week. I'll start things off with the scarecrow who has recently taken up residence at the entrance to my golf club!


These yellow wildflowers can be seen in abundance in marshy areas right now. It's sort of surprising to see all those flowers coming out of the water and even more surprising that they bloom in the middle of October. But they are very nice to look at.