Halloween Adventures

I know Halloween has come and gone, but I never got the chance to show all the neighborhood cuties who piled in for the annual hayride. It's funny to see them get so excited about a trip around the block on a pile of itchy hay. Ahhh.... the joys of childhood!

I'm off to China tomorrow morning. The flight lasts 16 hours. I am not looking forward to that. Let's hope I'll be able to sleep a little on the plane. I'm putting the blog on automatic pilot while I'm gone, so check back for more of Jackson.

Stupid Economy

Sal & Mookies, Broadstreet Bakery and Bravo are all locally owned restaurants that have devised some novel ways of saving their customers money! Broadstreet and Bravo offer earlybird specials while Sal & Mookies caters to nite owls. There is also a pi happy hour every weekday at Sal & Mookies - you enjoy a 31.45% discount on drinks from 3.14 to 4.50pm. Very original!

Sal & Mookies

After To Kill a Mockingbird, my husband and I went to Sal & Mookies for drinks and desert. It's a pizza and ice cream joint and everything there is delicious! We had some red wine and a chocolate sunday. They make their own ice cream onsite and it is heavenly - worth every delectable calorie! And theater patrons received a 25% discount on their order just by showing their tickets, making the deal even sweeter.

Three more days until we'll be leaving for China. I am going to try the automatic posting while I'm gone. If I get internet access, I may post some pictures. If not, I will dedicate a week to China when I get back.

Election Day

I got up early this morning and headed to the polls. This is the first time I've really voted in a real, live election. I did vote by absentee ballot in the last election while I was living in France. However, I'm not sure if my ballot was counted because I didn't put any postage on the envelope. The envelope said "no postage necessary" and it did not specifically state that the free postage was within the US only, but I still wonder.

There were around 200 people queuing up when I got to my polling station at 6.55am. Once they opened the doors, things went pretty smoothly and I was on the road to work at 7.30. We had touch screen voting booths that print your vote out on a strip of cash-register tape. Being in the room sort of reminded me of a casino with all the whirring and clicking. I would not have been surprised to hear a bell and the clinging of coins.

I finished up my vote, got my sticker and snapped this final shot of the polling station. Unfortunately, I couldn't take pictures inside. My civic duty is now complete for the next four years. Don't forget to get out and vote today!!!

To Kill A Mockingbird

My husband and I saw the show this Saturday. I must admit, I was a little disappointed. I was really looking forward to the show as this was one of my favorite books we read in school when I was a child.

The whole show was lacking energy. I didn't really feel a sense of urgency or that someone's life was really at stake. The child actors were also very difficult to understand - they spoke too quickly and mumbled alot, which I suppose stems from a lack of training and/or experience. The only character that I really felt had something to win or lose was the "rape" victim. She brought a lot of energy to her performance. It's just a shame the other actors didn't follow her suit.

I still enjoyed the show though and the set was fabulous. I only wish they could have done more justice to Harper Lee's wonderful story.