I couldn't resist this shot of a friendly little turtle getting some sun at the golf course!

Best Mexican Food in Town

According to Steve of Steve's Golf Shop, Margarita's serves the best Mexican food in town.

I will admit, the food was really good, but for me the best part was they didn't mess up my order! That seems to happen to me a lot at Mexican places around here.

The atmosphere was also nice, if a little kitsch (but all Mexican places are sort of like that). I would definitely go back and next time I'll sit at the bar.

Apartment Gardens

One of the drawbacks of living in an apartment is not being able to have your own garden. Some people in my complex have gotten around that by putting planters and garden decorations outside their windows.

Going Home

After a long journey, we finally made it back to the Brave New World.

I don't think there are a lot of 747-400s still in use these days, but we flew one on the way here and on the way back. They're quite impressive planes! It's one of those that has an upstairs area for first class passengers. I was really curious to see how it looked up there. But unfortunately, I did not dare to climb the stairs for a peek.

I'm glad to be back in Jackson though. And more photos of the city are coming!


This picture is not really from Jackson, it was taken in a flower shop in Paris that specialises in orchids near the Luxembourg RER station. I was having lunch with a friend of mine who works in the area and who also happens to be mad for orchids. He took me into the shop for a look, and I must admit, it was lovely.

Unfortunately, this will be my last post before getting back to the states. I can't upload on my MiL's computer because it's too old and does not recognize my card reader! But I hope you enjoy this photo for today. I'll be back on Thursday... possibly Wednesday if we don't get in too late.

Water Lilies

This picture was also taken at the Canton Country Club Golf course. The water lilies looked especially lovely alongside the reflection of the clouds.