Typical Street Corner

This will be my last post for awhile since I don't know how often I'll be able to access the Internet during the cruise.
In farewell, I send you a look at a typical American street corner. This was taken on my drive home from work. I sort of liked how the sun was casting a pink-ish glow on the clouds.

My New Workplace

This is my remote office in Berlin where I am processing orders with other Siemens drones this week. I must admit that their offices are much nicer than ours in Jackson. I definitely like the open space work plan better than our tiny, cramped cubicles.


I like airports. I like to take pictures in airports. This one happens to be in Philidelphia. It isn't the plane I took, but I thought the reflection looked neat, sort of like a conjoined twin.

Thanksgiving Celebration

This is where I spent my Thanksgiving, in the Independence Brew Pub at the Philidelphia airport. Instead of the traditional turkey feast, I partook in beer and big pretzels. It was not as bad as it might sound.