Primo's Cafe

I am actually in Mobile, AL right now on my way to Destin, FL. We're stopping this morning for a round of golf before heading all the way over into the sunshine state! Until then, here's a look at Primo's Cafe. It's been voted as the best place to breakfast in the Jackson metro area for several years running.

I'm putting my blog on automatic posting, but I've been having some troubles with it lately - keep those fingers crossed. Hope everyone has a great Independence Day weekend!

July Theme Day: Empty

Jake's Seafood Grill is just one of the many empty properties that line the streets of the Jackson metro area. When I first moved to Jackson two years ago, this restaurant had an opening soon sign on it and I was pretty excited to try it. I don't think it ever did actually open though or if it did, it must have only been for a week or so because I drive by this place almost every day.

I took a peek inside the windows and it looks pretty nice. There's a large dining area in the circular part of the building and a nice terrace as well. But I guess this is a bad time to be opening a new business.

Perhaps the new price will tempt someone into buying the old Jake's!

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I caught these canna lilies at the golf course. I planted some in my yard last year, but so far they've only made leaves - maybe they're mot getting enough sun. Until mine start making some flowers, I'll enjoy these!

Moon Over Buffalo

After a four-performance run, Moon Over Buffalo is over. I will miss it, but it will also be nice to have some time back. We all had such a good time and I enjoyed working with some old friends and also meeting some new ones!

My husband also fared well in the Club Championship. He came in second in his flight. Unfortunately, I wasn't there to take any pictures but he was quite pleased with his play this weekend.