Weekend Reflections: Chandelier

The chandelier inside Thalia Mara Hall made for a wonderful reflection.

To see more reflections from around the world, click on the weekend reflections link! I'm in Seattle, but hope you are enjoying Jackson DP on auto-pilot.

Jennings Hall

This is where my German class is held at MC. All the buildings on campus are red brick like this one.

Happy weekend everyone! I'm in Seattle, but hope you are enjoying Jackson on auto-pilot.

April Theme Day: Red

A red bud tree in full bloom on the Mississippi College campus. I'm still keeping up with my German class every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I just hope it will come in handy one of these days.

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I'm leaving for Seattle later this afternoon where I'll be testing my new Nikon D3000. Jackson DP will be on auto-pilot until Monday. Enjoy!

Confidential to my Granny - it's been sixteen years since we lost you, but you're still in my heart and memories.


A lone woman waiting at the Thalia Mara Hall. Hope she did not get stood up for the Mahler concert!

Mahler's Resurrection

My husband and I went to the symphony this weekend. In honor of the Easter season, they played Mahler's Second Symphony - commonly known as the Resurrection Symphony. It was absolutely gorgeous! Chock full of drama and tension and musical beauty. The third movement included a choir of around 200 people and two soprano soloists. Fantastic!

Friend in the Water

It's too bad the water is so muddy, but you can see one of my golf friend's head poking up for some air!

What's Going On?

It seems like these birds just wanted to know what's going on with us. Or maybe they were upset because the feeder was empty!

Hope you are enjoying the weekend. Take a look at the new Sunday bridge series by Louis la Vache in San Francisco. I have featured a well-known bridge on my other blog Here and There.