Olga's Bench

Another look at Olga's restaurant. She is kind enough to provide a cozy sitting area for patrons who have to wait for a table. It's nice, but I still prefer the bar!

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Blue Skies

It's been so cold here lately, so I'm looking back on some skies from last November. I'm hoping we get some blue and warmer temps this weekend as well.

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Cold Friend

I've been putting out extra food for my feathered friends during these cold times. The juncos seem to be taking advantage.

Doorway to Knowledge

The doorway to the Warren Hood Library on the Belhaven campus. I have a dear friend who works here. I am a little ashamed to say I've never actually been inside though. Maybe I'll have to change that. What do you say dear friend?

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Icy Bug

The Halcyon Bug got a few icicles during the ice storm Sunday night. This is how my car looked on Monday morning. I know those of you up north are probably laughing, but these are big icicles for the south!

No Aping Around

A shot from the Jackson Zoo. I almost forgot I had these photos. I visited on Thanksgiving day when my family was here from Oklahoma City. It's a nice little zoo, the perfect place to work up an appetite for a turkey dinner!

Icy Weather

The weather people were predicting ice, snow and all kinds of wintery stuff for Jackson today. It has been cold and rainy as you can see from these mini-icicles which formed in my backyard. I don't think we're going to be inundated with the white stuff though. Too bad, I was hoping for a work-at-home day tomorrow.